Thursday, August 5, 2010

HRNJ-Uganda Update: Police searches journalist’s home, laptop seized

Kampala, 05th/08/2010: Police in Kampala on 04th/08/2010 afternoon searched the residence of the embattled Uganda Record journalist Timothy Kalyegira who is facing charges of sedition.

Since 02nd/08/2010, Kalyegira has been in and out of police on allegations of publishing seditious materials on the Uganda Record website. Uganda Record is one of Uganda’s online magazines.

Police alleges that Kalyegira published seditious materials between 12th and 16th of July 2010 after the bomb blasts which claimed more than 70 lives.

Section 39 (3) of the penal Code Act (Cap.120) states that in determining whether the intention with which any act was done, any words were spoken or any document was published was or was not seditious, every person shall be deemed to intend the consequences which would naturally follow from his or her conduct at the time and in the circumstances in which he or she was conducting him or herself. However, section 40 states that seditious offences shall include prints, publishes, sells, offers for sale, distributes or reproduces any seditious publication among others and the punishment is five years imprisonment or a fine not exceeding fifty thousand shillings (US $ 25) or both.

The police which travelled in a private car to Kalyegira’s home located at Makindye Lusaka Zone Local council One (I), conducted a search master bedroom and study room for an hour. “The search seemed a general exhibit search. They confiscated my passport after I was asked whether I had travelled outside the country, the laptop, internet modem and six paged handwritten document” Kalyegira said. Police wanted to take a cassette recorder.

The search team was headed by divisional CID officer (Kira police station) Prudence Haguma.

Kalyegira’s bond was extended and he is required to report to police on Friday the 06th/08/2010 at 10am.

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