Thursday, May 5, 2011

Permanent secretary manhandles TV reporter, video camera damaged

Kampala, 4th/May/2011; A Wavah Broadcasting Service (WBS) TV reporter Mulindwa Mukasa has been manhandled by the Permanent Secretary (PS) of Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry (MTTI) Julius Onen
Mulindwa had gone to interview Mr. Onen on 27th/April/2011 about a concession deal story in Katurumu, Kidepo National Park. The park is found in Karamoja region the east of Uganda
A local investor Konorious Kodet Loreka, who was awarded a deal to complete the cottages which stalled after the overthrow of president Amin, accused ministry officials of frustrating the project.
On 18th/April/2010, president Museveni directed the Tourism ministry to award the concession deal to Mr. Loreka but officials preferred foreign investors according to sources.
Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda) has learnt that Mulindwa who was seeking the other side of the story followed the procedures and he was allowed inside the Mr. Onen’s office.
“I filled a visitor’s form and stated the reason for the interview. I was allowed inside the office by PS’s secretary. I found him seated and asked what the problem. I stated again the reason for the interviews and all over sudden, his face changed. He accused me of not being courteous to him” said Mulindwa
Mulindwa added that he (Onen) jumped out from his seat and started beating and pushing me to get out of his office. As I was collecting my gadgets he pushed me to the wall and damaged the camera
HRNJ-Uganda couldn’t get Mr. Onen for a comment as his secretary said he was attending a meeting.
HRNJ-Uganda condemns the attack on Mr. Mulindwa in the strongest term possible and call upon police to investigate and bring the perpetrator to justice  
Mulindwa has reported the case to Kampala Central Police Station and recorded a statement  
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