Friday, April 6, 2012


Kampala, 06th/April/2012; Ivan Kabbale, the NBS TV journalist who was knocked down by a police crane towing Dr. Besigye’ car has finally been discharged from Kisubi hospital where he has been receiving treatment since 31st/March/2012. But there was confusion at the hospital when his file went missing on Wednesday.

Kabaale was knocked down at Luteete along Gayaza road as he tried to capture the security convey in which Besigye was driven from Kampala to Kasangati police division on Saturday 31st/March/2012. He told HRNJ-Uganda that earlier in the day, a policeman in civilian attires asked him to surrender a video tape containing the footage of the incidents of the arrest and police actions during the scuffle but he managed to hold on to it.

Kabbale was first rushed to Capital Health Clinic and Laboratory at Kasangati for first aid treatment before he was transferred to Kisubi hospital along Entebe road on the same day.
Kabbale told HRNJ-Uganda that he had been informed by the hospital attendants that his file was missing and as such he could not pay his bills and be discharged.

“I am improving, getting stable now. I am not feeling too much pain now, save for my left leg which was dislocated. I am nursing wounds on the right leg and right arm. I was hoping to leave hospital today (Thursday) but I have been told that my payments file went missing yesterday (Wednesday), and that they were still tracing for it, so I can’t pay my bills to leave hospital. I suspect it is sabotage to deny me justice.” Kabbale told HRNJ-Uganda while still stuck at hospital.

When HRNJ-Uganda followed up the matter, the hospital denied knowledge of the file missing. “I am not aware of the file’s disappearance. We kept like any other file. I will follow up the matter tomorrow –Saturday.” explained Dr. Asaba Robert of Kisubi hospital.
Sources have told HRNJ-Uganda that the missing file could be the work of the security agents with a view of altering evidence.
Kabbale intends to open a case file against the police for masterminding the accident.
“The incidents involving journalists are on the rise and all of them have been the work of the uniformed and ununiformed policemen. We encourage Kabbale to open up a case file and see what the police will do to investigate the matter and hold the perpetrators culpable in this and other related cases. These are serious claims against the police, so the onus in the police leadership to handle the matter without fear or favor. Otherwise these incidents pose a serious danger to the media in Uganda.” said the HRNJ-Uganda Programme Coordinator Wokulira Ssebaggala.

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